Mission Statement

The Chantal Paydar Foundation was established to commemorate the life of Chantal Paydar and to continue her life’s calling towards establishing equality in the world. The foundation emphases the importance of establishing and fostering human connections amongst people of different backgrounds through education and multicultural exchange. The foundation seeks to establish a humanitarian approach towards addressing ethnic, gender, and political inequality in the world community.

Our Vision

The Chantal Paydar Foundation intends to establish an endowment to fund numerous Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution (PJCR) initiatives within the United States and abroad. The Foundation takes a three tiered approach towards building a better world and contributing to the global PJCR movement.  The Foundation's approach is through: Education, Relief, Advocacy (ERA)

With our partners in academia and Non-Governmental Organizations world wide, the Foundation adds great value to the PJCR movement by supporting and foster the next generations of peace-builders.